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Winter Storm Tips

Winter Storm Preparedness Tips

Hey neighbors! It looks like a snowstorm is headed our way this weekend. Let’s make sure we’re all prepared and stay safe during the winter weather. Here are some tips to get ready:

Check your Emergency Kit:

Make sure you have essential items like flashlight, batteries, first aid supplies, and non-perishable food. Better safe than sorry!

Stock Up on Supplies:

Consider stocking up on groceries and medications before the storm hits. Long lines and crowded stores are never fun in the snow.

Charge Your Devices:

Keep your phone and other devices charged. Power outages can happen, and you’ll want to stay connected.

Stay Informed:

Keep an eye on local weather updates. Follow reliable sources for the latest information on the storm’s progress.

Snow Removal Equipment:

Check your snow shovels and snow blowers. If you have them, make sure they are ready for action.

Travel Cautiously:

If you must travel, check road conditions and plan your route accordingly. Drive slowly and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

Pet Safety:

Don’t forget about your furry friends! Ensure they have a warm place to stay and enough food and water. Make sure to use Pet Safe Ice Melts.

Help Your Neighbors:

Check in on elderly or vulnerable neighbors. A helping hand goes a long way during a storm.

Be Prepared:

Keep a list of emergency contacts handy. This includes local authorities, utility companies, and your insurance provider.

Let’s all be good neighbors and look out for each other! Stay warm and safe, everyone!

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