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The Martone Group was extremely professional and provided me and my siblings with extraordinary customer service in the selling of our family home. Karl was exceptional from our 1st meeting and throughout the entire process of the sale. He answered every question, provided professional advice and even navigated through the rough waters of sibling differences. I highly recommend Karl and his group; they are totally committed to making your selling experience the very best as can be. 
Suzanne Ferrante 12/8/23

Karl helped us to sell our home in Burrillville, RI.  We were extremely satisfied with his knowledge of the market, his professionalism and his willingness to “go the extra mile” to help us and guide us through the selling process.  We found his character and honesty to be outstanding.  Karl was always available and dependable which helped to make the selling process a positive experience. Karl has our highest recommendation to be your real estate agent.

Jack and Debby O’Neil

While I met Karl Martone for the first time just a year-and-a-half ago, his genuine personality makes it feel as if I have known him for years. Professionally, Karl is top notch. An old-school Rhode Islander, Karl knows not only the cities and towns, but the neighborhoods and streets. Karl combines decades of experience with an energy and drive that instills in his client a comforting sense of confidence.

Karl is easy to reach, responds to questions at any time of day or night, and most importantly, knows his stuff. He and his team are the definition of true professionals. They are detail orientated in an industry that demands just such an approach.

What set Karl apart in my eyes is that he is a caring person who allows his heart to guide his work. My mother had spent more than 60 years in her home in East Providence, and the prospect of moving from there to a home closer to me was daunting, for sure. Karl was patient and kind and allowed the process to proceed at a pace that allowed my mother to feel at ease. All the while, he also made sure she bought and sold a house at fair market value.

My response after seeing how Karl treated my mother was to connect him to one of my daughters, and then the other. I can think of no greater compliment than to have Karl shepherd my adult children through the ever-complicating maze of real estate today. They are in good hands.     

Michael Pare – Buyer/Seller 7/2/2022

“I worked with Karl throughout most of 2021 to purchase our home. Our situation was a bit unique and tricky to handle, but Karl was there for us every step of the way and handled things like a true professional. I felt that Karl was really looking out for us and our needs and wasn’t just trying to make a quick sale. His expertise and connections have been incredibly helpful, and knowing we were in capable hands was a huge relief throughout the process. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with the Martone Group and I wouldn’t go to anyone else for real estate advice and services! ”

Sloane McDowell – 1/5/2022

Karl Martone came into my life during 2000’s Crazy housing market! He worked tirelessly 24/7, but this wasn’t the typical ‘spinning wheels’ help.- Karl was strategic yet somehow completely empathetic to my 1st time home buyer, single parent, full-time worker demands! He found the ‘perfect for us’ house where my son and I made a home for the past 21 yrs, and our neighbors became life-long friends

Fast forward to 2021’s Crazy housing market and Karl coming through again, despite my complicated needs. I had been updating and renovating my home for years but was now not able to finish it. I was completely overwhelmed and essentially stuck. Karl came over just 2 days after I reached out, and in true Karl form, he came PREPARED with all of my options laid out before me and all pros + cons clearly described and illustrated!!

Within 2 days of that 1st meeting, Karl came back with a professional photographer and that same afternoon, Karl’s team listed my home on hundred’s of real estate websites with 50 photos that ‘somehow’ highlighted every update I had made and minimized the everyday blemishes of a 1940’s house. There were thousands of online views within 24 hours and realtors walked clients through non-stop over the weekend, while I got away! On Monday we reviewed all offers, and that afternoon I had a signed Purchase & Sales agreement for $25K OVER asking, just 6 days from my initial meeting with Karl!!!!!

I’ve only written a handful of reviews in my life. It is very important to me that I recognize and ‘call-out’ Karl Martone and his entire team because they honestly and genuinely go WAY above + beyond. Karl helped secure my 1st home in 2000 w/very little complication. He then helped my mother prepare + sell her home following my father’s passing. My mother REALLY needed and appreciated Karl’s guidance when she wasn’t sure what she should or shouldn’t repair prior to the house sale.

The Martone Group has been successful for decades despite up & down markets. My most recent experience is a testament to that. This time, I came to Karl with medical, legal, cognitive, and financial complications for my house sale. I also moved 800 miles away prior to the closing! They are a finely tuned team looking out for the benefit of their clients and it is clearly evident, EVERY step of the way. I wish I had counted how many times Karl said to me “Do not worry about that, I will take care of it”….

Karl is genuine, intelligent, experienced and he and his team are focused on doing their best for Rhode Islanders. Thank you again and again

Heidi L. Perreault 2021

“I want to thank the entire TEAM at the Martone Group for an amazing selling experience!
TEAM is capitalized since the people at the Martone group truly act as one team, all aligned to one goal, which is to help make their clients experience as positive as possible.
The ‘team culture’ is driving by the ‘tone from the top’ coming from Karl Martone. I want to thank Karl for his friendship, transparency, honesty, patience, and experience. Having Karl ‘in your corner’ is one of the best decisions I made during this process. Thank you so much for all you do!
I also want to thank Karl for creating such a wonderful and talented group of individuals that together make up this great team. I know so much happens behind the scenes and I am sure I am missing some people, but, I wanted to personally thank the following:
Trisha, Thank you for all your patience and always being there for my questions. The communication and almost daily updates on my transaction were very much appreciated. Not to mention the ease-of-use of your digital platforms for correspondence and necessary paperwork. Well Done!
Scott, your flexibility in the selling process, especially regarding working around my personal schedule, was very much appreciated.
Klaudia and Cody, thank you so much for your continuous help throughout the process, and keeping my honest with paperwork and important information.
Caitlin, from Martlaw Title, Inc, what an amazing job at all the components related to the legal and closing aspects of my transaction. You made what can be a a difficult and complicated process very simple and easy for me to go through. Thank you for that.

Bottom line…a huge part of my positive experience is directly related to the TEAM at the Martone Group, and like I said earlier, contacting Karl was one of the best decisions that a made.”

Sincere Thanks,
Kenneth Labrie

Karl Martone was my buyer’s agent when I bought my house in 1997. I was so impressed with the quality of service, professionalism, and friendly demeanor of the young Karl that I never forgot him. Karl kept in touch over the years. In 2021, when I wanted to sell my house, naturally I reached out to Karl and listed the house with him. Karl is the best sales agent in the business and is also a wonderful human being. He knows how to build relationships and maintain them. My house had several offers in the first week. I accepted an offer that was above the list price. Selling a house is a stressful process and Karl was there with me every step of the way, reassuring me whenever complications arose. I have immense respect for Karl as a professional and a person and highly recommend him. I feel really lucky and grateful to have had Karl represent me both as a buyer’s agent when I bought the house and also as my sales agent when I sold the house. Karl delivers much more than what he promises! He is loyal to his clients and looks after their interest in every way. If you have a chance to have Karl represent you, you will be in good hands!

Harsh Luthar

“I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the professional assistance I was given in searching for and finding my new home. You made it as easy as possible for me and continued with and through the closing. The process of moving is considered one of the greatest stressors in life and I can’t fully express how much I appreciated the attitude and patience I was shown throughout the ordeal. Thank you does not seem enough for all you have done but it’s all I have.”

Mary M. Laime

“Working with the Martone group could not have been easier. Their communication was second to none. From the agent to the office staff I was always in the loop on what was going on. After putting my home on the market I had multiple bids within a week and sold my home within two months. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Christopher Chapman
Cumberland, RI

“We feel so lucky to have worked with Karl. He sold our last home in four days and for much more than our asking price. He also negotiated the purchase price of our new home for $30,000 less than asking! There is not enough we can say about him! He kept in close contact with us even though he was on a planned vacation, he would respond within minutes of our questions, and even spent his own money to make sure a potential mold issue would be mitigated! Karl brings the best real estate relationships in the state, so we enjoyed highly professional inspectors, lenders and attorneys. We can’t      believe the low mortgage rate we obtained, and all the closing and related costs were super competitive. We have already referred friends to Karl, and will continue to do so in the future.”

Shoi and Sean Parker

“When I first thought about selling my home in Coventry, I contacted Karl from a flyer received in the mail. Karl came to our first meeting well prepared with comps and ideas. His suggested listing price was a bit below my figure but by less 3%. He suggested ideas on how to stage my property and I followed them explicitly. Together we determined the listing price based on the cosmetic work the home needed and I was fortunate to have a bidding war and my home sold in 3 days and for 3% more than the listing price. Karl told me up front that if we priced the home correctly, we would get a lot of early interest and we did! I think we had 5 showing in the first 48 hours and the house was  under contract in 72 hours from first hitting the market. Karl’s experience was  instrumental in the sale of my home and  he ‘nailed it’ with the listing price and may happen. I will use Karl’s services again in the future and will gladly recommend  him to anyone when asked.”

Greg Gammell

“Our previous home purchase and sale was in Chicago, IL, and we thought they were both awesome experiences, and thought that was the best of the best. Well that all changed the day we met Karl. From the minute we began talking, there was something different happening. We were not just giving him our likes and disliked on houses, but he was getting to know about us, our lives, our kids.. It became more than a real estate transaction, it was a partnership and a friendship. Karl was honest, forthcoming, trustworthy, and the consummate professional. We love our new home and would recommend working with the Martone Group to anyone.”

Keith & Nicole Pace
Johnston, RI

“Selling a house for the first time can be exciting and scary at the same time. Being new to the process, we were looking for Real estate broker with great professionalism, integrity and who had the expertise to get the job done. Karl Martone and the Martone group checked all the boxes and then some! It was great to know that we had a specific team of people dedicated to the selling of our house and we could go to them for questions if need be. Karl and his team were very transparent about the process. Karl and his group were extremely knowledgeable, organized and really cared for their client. Customer Service at its finest! We would highly recommend using Karl and The Martone Group!”

Eric and Irene Canestrari

“I met Karl Martone over twenty years ago when looking to purchase a home. Being new to the process I truly relied on him for his knowledge and expertise in real estate. The whole process was seamless and Karl quickly went from my real estate agent to my friend. Fast forward to many real estate transaction later and he is still best in the business. Recently, I started thinking of moving and my next thought was to call Karl. I can’t say enough about his professionalism and integrity. I highly recommend him to anyone selling or buying real estate.”

Tony Palumbo, Warwick

“My husband and I used Karl and his group for buying our first home. Karl was wonderful about helping us find the condo that best suited our needs and telling us when a condo wasn’t worth a trip to explore. it helped us find a home that we love quickly and efficiently. It helps that he has a wonderful personality. I can’t wait to use them for the next endeavor! Five Star Service at the Martone Group.”

Kayla Taryn Swedits

“My husband and I had a wonderful experience selling our home with The Martone Group. Karl was extremely knowledgeable and after meeting with us, he was able to provide us with the ideal price point for our home. After only a few showings and only two days time, we had a buyer! Karl and his team made the entire experience a pleasant one. If you are looking for an experienced realtor who will make the process of selling your home as painless and enjoyable as possible, then The Martone Group is definitely the agency for you. Thank you!”

Danielle and Curtis Holt

“First, it is important to understand that our only previous interaction with using realtors was when we purchased our house 24 years ago. The experience was so horrific and we discovered so much about how sleazy the real estate business and realtors CAN be, we actually did not try to sell our house until now because we did not want to deal with realtors. Everyone has a friend or friend of a friend, co-worker, or relative who “does real estate”. We didn’t want someone who “does” real estate; we wanted a real estate professional. We also wanted someone who would not be a BS thrower. When we decided to possibly sell our house and look for a new one, we were very diligent in researching realtors, their backgrounds, their bankruptcy history (yes, our previous “well respected” company had no problem reporting all their records were stolen in a break-in and then declaring bankruptcy when something went wrong, only to open the next day as a new company with a different name). Potential realtors who threw around titles and bragged incessantly about their results were also out, especially when they could not produce the data to substantiate their claims. We learned in our previous experience that real estate titles can be used to simply give an appearance of importance (that’s what they testified to under oath). We also interviewed them, and purposely called to ask some questions to check responsiveness, etc. We were also concerned with the “team” concept. One of the other realtors we interviewed was big on the “team” and how that would ensure how well we would be treated and always have access to them. What we soon found was the “team” did the opposite. In our assessment, I spoke to the principal agent and explained we wanted to deal with him. We got calls back from two different associates trying to set up appointments to do the initial walk through and market analysis. When I told them that is not what I discussed with their principal agent, they advised that he did not do those things. According to them, the principal agent did not do house visits. I also found out showings would be with the team members representing us and not the principal agent. They had very slick videos and marketing things showing how only they could sell our house and how if not they could buy it from us.”

Tom Laliberte

“My recent home sale experience with Karl Martone and his group was very positive. Karl was very practical and honest about the value and didn’t demean or make me strip the place to present it, something I appreciated very much. Everyone on the staff was pleasant, on time and always knew what they were doing. Karl was very helpful, caring and reassuring and even told me once he didn’t want me to climb a ladder, just like one of my kids. Not only would I recommend him and his group, but I already have.”

Roberta Ritchie
Johnston, RI

“Being a first time homebuyer is very scary, but working with Karl Martone and his team makes everything so much easier. He is there 100% of the way, answering all my questions and giving advice in every aspect of buying a house. Karl fights for his clients and helps reach your goals. Karl made this process way easier than I could have imagined. I would highly recommend the Martone Group.”

Courtney Sivo

“Karl Martone recently helped me find a home in Cumberland. The hard work and dedication he provides to his clients is incredible. He excels with his negotiation skills and professionalism. He has a vast knowledge of the housing market and gives his clients his honest opinion of a home. In 2004, he sold my condo in 8 days and working with him this past year to find the perfect home was very satisfying. I strongly recommend The Martone Group when buying or selling a house.”

Matt & Yvonne Ricci

“Karl has a reputation for being a top tier broker throughout the state of Rhode Island; Our recent experience with Karl exceeded that reputation. Karl was extremely hands on and went over and above our normal expectations of a broker to inform and advice along every aspect of the transaction. Myself and my wife have over 20 years of combined experience in the real estate industry and we can unequivocally say that Karl is the best of the best. The Martone group has, and will continue to have, our upmost personal recommendation and professional support.”

Dennis LaFazia

“Karl has a reputation for being a top tier broker throughout the state of Rhode Island; Our recent experience with Karl exceeded that reputation. Karl was extremely hands on and went over and above our normal expectations of a broker to inform and advice along every aspect of the transaction. Myself and my wife have over 20 years of combined experience in the real estate industry and we can unequivocally say that Karl is the best of the best. The Martone group has, and will continue to have, our upmost personal recommendation and professional support.”

Amanda Fogarty and Tony Dragga

“I was referred to Karl and the Martone Group by a family member. In approximately 2 weeks, I was already signing a Pre-Sale Agreement! My house also sold quite a bit above the asking price. I would highly recommend The Martone Group to anyone looking to sell their home.”

L. Jarrett

“When looking for an agent to sell our house I called a friend and he recommended Karl and his group. We met with Karl and he gave us what he thought was a realistic value for our property. We thought Karl’s evaluation was fair, in fact it was within $5,000 of an appraisal I had done separately to confirm the value of house for tax purposes. Karl’s staff kept up the stream of showings and we always received feedback promptly. I can tell you that if you look for an agent to sell your house based on a higher price you will not sell. We were interested in selling our house not just having a “For Sale” sign in the yard. We are very satisfied. Thanks Karl.”

Bill and Sarah Abt

“My husband & I had a wonderful experience working with the Martone Group. Our house was listed just short of 3 months, priced at market as Karl advised, and with a few showings and one open house we had a buyer. We were able to negotiate with the seller of our new home to buy at a price that we felt was fair. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for helping us sell our home and purchase our dream home. Karl was our first realtor 23 years ago when we purchased our first home, and all these years later he still remains the realtor we choose when purchasing and selling. Although I hope this is our last move until retirement! Thank you to the Martone Group for making our dreams a reality”

Judy & Tommy Hetherman

“We were happy with the Martone Group assisting us with the sale of our propertty during a difficult time. The Martone Group was always there when a problem arose. ”

Joseph Viveiros
Johnston, RI

“We had a wonderful experience working with the Martone Group. They were all amazing to work with. The team was personable, efficient, and accessible. Thank you all for making our first homeowner’s purchase an enjoyable experience.”

Martin & Jamie Gauthier
West Warwick, RI

“My situation was a little unique, as I was selling my home due to a divorce. Like everyone, we had a couple realtors come out and look at the house. Karl was recommended to me by a close friend. As part of an agreement, my ex-wife used her realtor to sell our home (he listed it for an extremely high price, and we had only two viewings in two months). I then convinced them (my ex and her realtor) to lower the price to what Karl had suggested, and it sold within a month for exactly what he said it would.

I needed to find a place for me and my two dogs to live in a short amount of time, and there was no doubt that I was going to use Karl as my realtor. Karl has extensive market place knowledge. He takes the time to listen to his clients, and shows you the homes you want to see, not homes he wants to sell you. He is very honest and tells you the pro’s and con’s of each home and its true value. There is never any pressure or persuasion. He genuinely wants you to find a home you will be happy in. Once you find the perfect home for you, then the real magic of the Martone Group begins.

These people will do ANYTHING to help you. They are the definition of great customer service. They clearly communicate everything you need to do, and keep everything on schedule. Jackie in the office is constantly there for you. They get back to you immediately if you ask a question or need help with something. With their vast resources, they can help you obtain movers, cleaners, inspectors, and just about anything else you might think of. I can’t even imagine a more “full service” realtor. Having two different realtors at the same time, I was clearly able to compare and believe me, the Martone Group shines! Karl worked just as hard helping me with the real estate transaction he wasn’t even getting paid for as he did on the home he sold me. If you want a realtor that works for you, the Martone Group is the only choice! ”

Thanks for everything!
Bob O’Hare

“Working with Karl Martone and his office was all I could have hoped for and more. The entire process was quick and painless with courteous, knowledgeable associates that guided us in the right direction. Karl predicted less than 3 months to close and he was right on the money. We look forward to working with Karl Martone in all future endeavors.

Tom and Maureen Walsh

“The smoothness of the whole process of buying my home was fantastic! Everyone was always available whenever I needed an answer. Great continuity – I always knew who to call for what. It took about six weeks to go from tenant to owner thanks to your team approach. Great Job! Karl, a special thanks to you for always being there for me and guiding me in the right direction. ”

Alice M. Frezza
Cranston, RI

“We just want to thank you for everything you’ve done to make our relocation and purchase of our house in Greenville a smooth process. Having only a few days to look, I was grateful for your organization with the showings, prompt response to our concerns and handling all of the inspection process for us. Being repeat customers, we knew the level of customer service from Karl and his group is second to none. ”

Thanks again!
Lisa & Dante Casinelli

“My wife and I contacted 2 realtors prior to receiving the suggestion from a good friend to call Karl Martone to act as our realtor for the sale of our home. Karl was by far the most polite, realistic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional of the 3 realtors we met and had an extensive network in which to publicize the sale of our home. After his presentation, we signed immediately. The activity began promptly and every step was handled superbly. Every question I had along the way was answered thoroughly and promptly. Shortly after our listing with Karl, the showings began and we had 2 offers within about a 2 week period. Though the market was a bit lethargic at the time, we had a good number of people come to see our home. The time of sale, negotiations were handled flawlessly by Karl and he was able to have the subsequent buyers raise their offer to be more in line with our expectations.

In short, Karl and Jen were a superb team and handled virtually every aspect of the sale; even arranging for top notch contractors to take care of the few items that needed to be done to the home prior to sale. It was a great relief indeed to have the few minor issues that arose handled so efficiently by Karl. I can say that without hesitation, now having purchased 4 homes and sold 2, Karl and Jen are a superb team and one that without hesitation, I would highly recommend. Selecting the Martone group is the wisest decision a seller, or perspective buyer could possible make, and I say this with all sincerity. I certainly plan to call the Martone group again when the time arises.

Finally, the supportive office staff was absolutely fabulous. Deb Nespolo and Jackie Kelly were exceedingly conscientious and thorough in handling all the paperwork details and any other little issues that came up. They are the perfect complement to Karl and Jen. Whether you are buying or selling, I cannot imagine a finer team of professionals with which to work. The Martone Group is, quite simply, the best there is! ”

Most sincerely,
Alan and Robin Glasser, Norfolk, MA

“When my husband and I set out to buy a house, we started off with a different buyer’s agent. This man was not very confident that we would find a house in our price range and was not very energetic about taking us out to look at the many houses we wanted to look at. After looking at the first house with him, he was pressuring us to buy it and was very exhasperated with us when we decided to keep looking. Enter Karl Martone, who was referred to us by our brother-in-law. Upon meeting Karl, Todd and I knew immediately that this was the man who was going to help us find “the” house, and he did! It did take us a while to find a home with some value in our price range, but Karl was with us all of the way. He always asked the right questions and followed through with research, in other words going above and beyond in getting us into a great home. We always felt that Karl was on our side and never did he show any impatience in our search. Once we did find our home, Karl brokered us a great deal and never backed down. He made us feel like we were his only priority (although we knew what a hard worker he is) and stuck with us right until the end, never passing us along to a colleague once we committed to a house. Todd and I have been in our new home for just about a year now and are expecting our first child in mid-April. Karl regularly keeps in touch with us and we actually miss our outings with Karl, he was alot of fun and definitely one of the most informed agents out there. Anytime I hear anyone talking about buying or selling a home, I always eagerly suggest Karl to assist them. He is the hardest working agent out there and we are so glad he was there for us!! Thanks Karl!”

Denee and Todd Danchik

“Dear Karl,

We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and dedication to us over the last several years as we have bought and sold homes. Your work ethic comes through in the way you handle all aspects of the buying/selling process, from beginning to end. In the last year, with times being so tough, we encountered multiple “false starts” with various buyers for our home. It was hard not to be discouraged, but your expertise and perseverance helped us find a buyer that could complete the sale. You then put your focus on finding a home that was perfect for us…and we couldn’t be happier in our new home!

Most people don’t realize just how much coordination takes place in the last couple weeks and days of a sale/purchase, but the thoroughness, dedication and professionalism you and your team display throughout each transaction is why the process flows so smoothly. We really appreciate how much you are willing to utilize technology to facilitate everything from showings to paperwork. For a busy family with two kids, having most everything come through email saved a lot of time and effort.  We feel very fortunate to have worked with you and we recommend you without hesitation to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, professional Realtor.”

Richard and Lorilyn Hall

“Dear Karl…I wanted to thank you for all your help with getting Sarah and I into our beautiful new home. With the down economy we were facing, the fact that you were able to sell our condo within a couple weeks of the purchase of our new home really made it a smooth transition for us. You and your team provided great advice and service throughout the home buying/selling process. It was a pleasure to work with you and I will definitely recommend the Martone Group to my friends and family.”

Much appreciated,
Jesse & Sarah Shibley

“We can’t speak highly enough about the experience we had with Karl Martone and the Martone Group in selling our home. We had no idea how easy it would be and actually how much fun we would have.. No stress. No hassle. They took care of everything! The Martone Group members are true real estate professionals….They know real estate, they know the market and they make a real point of getting to know their customers and their needs. Karl was honest in his appraisal and suggestions for presenting our home. He used “state of the art” marketing techniques including videos that showed off the fine features of our home to buyers everywhere. Our home sold quickly – even in a poor market. While we were at closing, we told Karl, “if we had another house to sell, it would be yours to sell” and we really mean that. We are now happily living in our new home in Virginia but we will never forget that it was Karl Martone who got us here!”

Glenda and Rick Rickabaugh

“We were amazed when Martone Group sold our one-family home in Johnston in only four days! We then had the daunting task of trying to find a suitable one-level condo which would accept pets and move within two months. (We had to close on the Johnston home before the tax credit deadline for our buyers ran out). After viewing several condos with time running short, we finally found our beautiful condo but matters were further complicated in that it was a short sale. (Typically short sales are a real nightmare and take well in excess of the time we had.) Largely because we had signed on with Martone Group, the problems we encountered were worked out transparent to us. Martone Group is composed of the consummate professionals in their field and they were a cohesive, responsive group which worked to expedite matters so that both closings took place on schedule.”

Corrine & Joe Montecalvo